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NZAA Life Membership Presentation
Maurice Jones

Picture above: NZAA President Sonja Palinich Presentation to Maurice Jones.


Maurice Jones was born into an accordion playing family with father Allan William Jones and four of his uncles and aunts also playing. He often played duets with his brother Harley, recording a duet album and winning television talent shows together as children.

Maurice was the first NZAA New Zealand Solo Accordion Champion in 1971. He became a professional accordionist who played and often filled in for other professional entertainers. He was an early adapter of the Electronic Accordion, performing Rock and Roll and modern pieces with this new technology.

He performed as a session musician on many TV and radio commercials and backed many artists, including the No 1 New Zealand hit “French Letter” by the Herbs.

He has performed with the North Shore Accordion Orchestras on many occasions and tours. In 1997, he was invited by the Chinese Accordion Association to perform the first performances on the MIDI electronic accordion in all the major centres in China and again in 1998 gave workshops on modern accordion techniques with the MIDI synthesized accordion.

He was a factory demonstrator at the Frankfurt music fair which is the world’s biggest music exhibition for many years. He has adjudicated internationally in the USA and Australia.

Maurice formed Starlight Duo with Lionel Reekie and they have performed both in New Zealand and overseas. Videos He also performs duets with his daughter Alanah singing. He has performed at all NZAA fundraisers, concerts and dinner dances, providing sound systems, instruments and entertainment.

For the last ten years, Maurice has performed at the Dargaville Museum fundraising concerts and has been a major contributor to the extensive accordion collection housed there.

Since 1980, Maurice has been Manager of Titano Accordions and later Accordion House importing and selling accordions. Having spent time in Italy learning the craft of accordion repairs, he has fixed our members’ accordions and kept them all in perfect running condition for decades.

On behalf of the New Zealand Accordion Association, in recognition for his outstanding contribution and services to the accordion movement in New Zealand, I wish to present to Maurice Jones, the Association’s highest honour being life membership. I am sure you will all agree that he is a most deserving recipient of this award.
Thank you speech by Maurice Jones.
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